City Engage Limerick

Living Limerick is a series of community engagement events aimed at gathering public opinions about the future the city. Everybody is invited to share their views on the future direction of the city.

  • How can we best take advantage of Limerick’s medieval heritage?
  • What about Georgian Limerick?
  • How can the city best connect to its greatest asset, the River Shannon?

Limerick City and County Council, in conjunction with SAUL (the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick) will be posing these questions through a new consultation process designed to collect people’s thoughts, hopes and opinions about living in Limerick.
Living Limerick is about developing a vision for living in the historic core of Limerick City. Through the process, we will explore ways to make the city more liveable through the design of new public realm projects and initiatives. Living Limerick will support volunteer groups to assist in transforming Limerick’s streets, parks and riverfront into more engaged public spaces. Through the Living Limerick process, we will gather and share the hopes for Limerick’s historic city center. By coordinating, analysing and representing the views of these communities, we aim to develop an inclusive vision for the city. As part of this, a series of events will take place throughout the year under the banner ‘City Engage Limerick‘.