Living Georgian Limerick

LimerickStreetThe Adaptive Governance Lab at the School of Architecture University of Limerick runs every year an advanced urban design elective course for 3rd and 4th year Architecture students on the topic of design and governance. The course is a studio based teaching and learning environment which brings together architecture students, local government officials and community leaders in action research projects addressing urban and rural areas. The areas selected for research are areas which have not developed to their full potential. The study areas are at the scale of a neighbourhood, village or district and have significance in terms of the public realm, particularly at the level of infrastructural development of movement systems and amenity spaces. The group works together to collaboratively develop design processes which can assist government in managing change in the fabric of communities and in the natural and
built environment of these places.

This booklet documents the process and compiles the student work assembled during the two design weeks in Limerick City during the Spring/Summer semester of 2016.

Rosie Webb
Lecturer, Adaptive Governance Lab SAUL
Senior Executive Architect, Galway City Council
May 2016