Liveable Communities Oranmore

“Designing with Communities”, Oranmore, Galway

In the autumn of 2014, the Adaptive Governance Lab at SAUL was invited by the Oranmore Liveable Communities Group to work together with themselves and Galway County Council to assist them with their bid process for the United Nations Environment Programme’s International LivCom Awards Competition. The objective of the LivCom Awards is:

“to encourage best practice, innovation and leadership in providing a vibrant,
environmentally sustainable community that improves the quality
of life”.

The judging criteria for the award consist of six categories, namely; Enhancement of the Natural and Built Landscapes, Arts Culture and Heritage, Environmental Best Practice, Community Participation and Empowerment, Healthy Lifestyles and Strategic Planning.

The Oranmore LivCom Group together with the Community Development Officer in Galway County Council had begun to coordinate community development objectives and had participated in a community assets mapping exercise with the Community21 research collective from the School of Art, Design and Media at the University of Brighton. Building on the work already begun as well as the community mapping information collected to date, the AGL were invited to work with the community members and the Local Authority staff to advance a community co-design process addressing the 6 criteria of the LivCom Awards and enhancing the official objectives of the Council for the sustainable development of Oranmore. In specific, the work of the AGL was intended to assist the community and council officials in identifying specific short term projects which could act to catalyze communities of interest through cooperative action and to link community aspirations with the initiatives the Council is pursuing to create an accessible, connected, inclusive, safe and healthy town.

This booklet documents the process and compiles the student work assembled during the two design weeks at Oranmore, Galway in the Spring of 2015 and the comments received during those weeks.

Rosie Webb
Lecturer, Adaptive Governance Lab SAUL
Senior Executive Architect, Galway City Council