Imaginative Neighbourhood Woodquay 2014

In the spring of 2014, the Woodquay Residents and Business Association together with the Galway Men’s Shed ‘Cumann na bPhear’ used the documentation produced during the previous year’s ‘Design with Communities’ process to apply for funding from the Irish Public Bodies Youth and Community Fund. The application was successful and the funding was used to facilitate four events in the public spaces of Woodquay between March and December 2014: Dance Demonstrations on St. Patrick’s Day, a Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Easter, a Street Critique on Culture Night, and a Christmas Tree Lighting Event.


Events Programme Design for 2014 by Sarah Mannion AGL Fall 2013

Dance Demonstrations Woodquay as part of Feile Padraig 2014

Excerpts from ‘Galway Parade is Also Happy’ video by Kamil Krolak.

The AGL returned to Woodquay in the fall of 2014 for 2 more ‘Designing with Communities’ weeks. The collaboration this term included a direct relationship with an Arts Participation Project called ‘Walking Wisdom Woodquay’ which was conceived by choreographer Bernadette Divilly through her participation in the previous Designing with Communities weeks. The students engaged in Dance Dates – investigative walks as part of “Walking Wisdom Woodquay” participatory art project funded by the Arts Council Ireland- to engage their sensitivities about how people move and engage with their public space in the area using the methodologies of dance artists.

Dance Dates with Bernadette Divilly as part of ‘Walking Wisdom Woodquay’ Arts Participation Project (photos: Elodie Rein)

The public critique in November was supported by the Community Outreach Programme of the Local Theatre and the students presented proposals for interactive street furnishings which could ‘instigate the cultural and economic performance’ of the place. They were also asked to consider in their design ‘the possibility of incorporating measurement platforms into the fabric of the urban realm to assist in making the city more responsive to its citizens and to enable local actors to have a voice in how their shared spaces develop’.

Open Critique at TownHall Theatre of ‘Interactive Street Furnishings incorporating measurement platforms

Some Proposals as Imagined by AGL Students:

‘Plug the Umbrella’- urban utility points by Luz Teran AGL Fall 2014
Community Identifier and Dashboard by Maliha Rafique (AGL Fall 2014)