Imaginative Neighbourhood Woodquay 2013

Designing with Communities – The Woodquay Project

‘Imaginative Neighbourhood Woodquay’ is a community design process lead by the Adaptive Governance Lab (AGL) at the School of Architecture at University of Limerick, working together with the Woodquay Residents and Business Association and Galway City Council. The process has been ongoing from 2013 until 2015.

The process started in the autumn of 2013, when two Community Design weeks were held in a pop up shop in Woodquay, Galway in September and October. Each week consisted of community learning days – during which information was gathered from both local and official sources, and the group heard presentations from people experienced in collaborative local planning community workshops and field visits were held to listen and gain an understanding of the needs of local collaborators and design ideas were presented at an open critique to test the appetite for proposals and to get feedback.

Community Learning Day & Community Workshop, Woodquay Pop Up Shop 2013                 Field Visit by local historian, Peadar O’Dowd


Open Critique as a Park(ing) Day Installation for Culture Night 2013 event entitled ‘Imaginative Neighborhood Woodquay’

During the first week, students from the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick produced strategic maps for the area, describing what existed already in Woodquay and then what could exist, making proposals for short term interventions/temporary uses that could be done immediately and inexpensively to catalyse the community towards fulfilling broader long term objectives for the area.

What exists now                                                 What could exist……

Example of a Strategic Map for Woodquay under the theme ‘Energy’ by Eimear Egan, AGL Fall 2013

The second week, the students designed a ‘Toolkit for Streets’- furnishing for their tactical urbanism interventions, street layouts to support them and an events programme to develop and promote emerging themes.

‘Toolkit for Streets’ Designs


Designs for Palette Furniture by Orla Punch AGL F2013


Short Term Interventions and Temporary Use Layout by Luke Benson ,Eimear Egan, Jennifer Hogan, Laura Pembroke,Lauren Quinn McDonagh and Orla Punch, AGL Fall 2013